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"Arctic night Passo Giau" by integraphotonature (


All 5 main dragons of HTTYD in Maya style!
I’ll definitely be doing more of these in the future, they were a lot of fun.

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Mallnitz, Austria | Paul Suess
❝ I like it when it rains hard. It sounds like white noise everywhere, which is like silence but not empty. ❞

Mark Haddon, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time  (via emiliaclarke)

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❝ I want to stop running away from everything.
I want to find something to run toward. ❞

—Hannah Harrington, Saving June  (via lyrexz)

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sacajawea by christopher karbach

Illustration Now!


rasta by andrei nicolae

Massive Black Volume 1

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Big Bang!!! (by nimitnigam)

❝ The only serious question in life is whether to kill yourself or not. ❞

—Albert Camus (via anamorphosis-and-isolate)